International Foodies Paradise

Fresh meats, fruit, vegetables, spices and food from around the world. Prepared and presented in traditional ways.

Homewares and Variety

Homewares, furniture, toys and electronics. We have everything you need.

Fashion, Accessories and Beauty

Traditional and modern clothing from a range of cultures, and the unique colour of our traditional ethnic clothing boutiques. Incredible shoes, unique jewellery and bags, great kids’ fashion. Popular hair and nail salons. Bargains to suit any budget.


Post office, banking, newsagent, insurance, medical – all in one convenient location.


From dumplings to sushi to burgers to yum cha and beyond, we have your taste buds covered.


Inala Plaza proudly supports local community groups and a range of charitable organisations.

Our international range of food, services, products and experiences will always have you coming back for more.

What's on at Inala Plaza

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